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Gaining Back My Confidence at Farrell’s!

These people have become more to me then just workout partners. They are more to me than just acquaintances or friends. They are my people, my Farrell's family. Besides gaining a support system and friends, I have also gained confidence and courage.

Attainable and Sustainable Success at Farrell’s!

I’ve been involved in various support groups and health programs in my time and Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping is by far the most encouraging, selfless, flexible, family-oriented, compassionate, caring and welcoming program. The core values Farrell’s is built upon shine through like a beacon to those in need of change or a renewing sense.

Carbs: Too Little or Too Much

Eating a balanced diet of protein, carbohydrates, vegetables, and fats is important, but what happens if we don’t eat enough or too much of these essential foods? Let's look at too little or too much of carbohydrates.

Kids Complete Farrell's Training Camp!

Congratulations to our Farrell's Kids Training Camp participants! A full week of learning about fitness and nutrition certainly sets the stage for the rest of their lives! Awesome Kids!

Farrell's Mooresville Kids Training Camp Participants

Staying the Course for Better Health at Farrell’s

My friends, family and co-workers were noticing the changes right away! Boy does that ever make you feel good. The support of my fellow class at Farrell’s is amazing, everyone is there for the same purpose, which truly keeps me motivated.


Andrea Before and After Training at Farrell's Mooresville

My journey at Farrell’s really started because of the persistence and encouragement of an active member of Farrell’s and a great friend Mitzie McCurdy. I think she may be one of Farrell’s biggest recruiters and I cannot really share my story without sharing some of hers. About three years prior to joining Farrell’s I realized I really needed to do something to improve my health.  Along with Mitzie, I became a part of a corporate challenge group and began training for and running 5K’S. After several months of running I had lost a few pounds but seen little improvement in my overall health, and was having lots of problems with pain in my hips and feet. Because it hurt running was not fun and I had a really hard time staying motivated. I joined a gym and worked with a trainer and obtained some better results, but then plateaued and lost motivation to continue on my own afterwards. . I started working out with Mitzie again in another local gym but found myself doing what I had been advised not to do. I was running on a treadmill with little other changes in my workout. Once again I found myself unable to continue workouts because of pain, injury, and other excuses. I found myself out of the gym again with more foot and joint problems than before. While I was out Mitzie had joined FX. Within weeks I noticed changes in her. She was losing weight, staying motivated, and seemed to really be enjoying working out. This was a big change for someone who always said, “working out is not my thing, I hate exercise.”  The first two times she invited me to open gym I had some reason I could not go. Finally in January weighing more than I ever had and hurting everyday there were no more excuses and I attended open gym and my FXBNC journey began.


In my first few weeks the workouts were tough, I was sore, and there were a few things I could not do. However, because of the variation in the workouts and the frequent change in what moves we were doing, I was able to keep moving and make it through the workouts. I could control the intensity of my own workout but always felt motivated to push myself mainly due  to  encouragement from Mitzie, other fit members, and the coaching staff.  Around week seven is when I really started to feel and see changes. I was feeling stronger, losing weight and inches, and hurting less. By the end of my first ten weeks I had lost 21 pounds, 13.25 inches, and 3.1% body fat. I realized this was working and becoming something I wanted to do not something I had to do. I was encouraged to move forward and continue towards my goal. In my next eight week challenge I continued to see even better results and I was beginning to really feel comfortable in the gym. I started to challenge myself more with fit classes and really started focusing on my nutrition as well. By the end of my second ten weeks I had lost 17.9 pounds and 5.3% body fat. Once again staff and other members were there complimenting and encouraging me and I was beginning to embrace this as a lifestyle change. When coworkers asked me why I was going to the gym at the end of a long day instead of home to rest I was able to truthfully tell them that I feel better when I go. It is easier to keep going then to skip.


Now I am in my eighth month at FX and have no plans to stop going. I have currently lost 51 pounds, a total of 39  inches, and at least 12.5 % body fat. I can reverse plank, my health is improving, I am reaching new goals, and I have never found a better program or staff then here at FXBNC. What I would share with others is this is a great program that can become a permanent part of your life.” IT WORKS” and “YOU CAN DO IT!!!”


Forever grateful to Mitzie , family, fellow fit members and friends, and FXBNC staff for keeping me motivated and helping me reach this goal in my life.


*individual results may vary



Congratulations to our Summer 2016 FIT Beastmode Winners Jessica M and April N!!

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