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FXBNC Body Transformation for October 2016- Brian E

Growing up I always played sports and enjoyed the outdoors. As a young adult, I started coaching youth sports in Mooresville and was able to stay in relatively good shape with those activities. As my wife and I started a family, coaching was still a part of my life, but there was less time for exercise, meal planning and more time just enjoying time with the family which included fast foods, ice cream shops, and just being lazy. I had been telling myself for years that it wasn’t that “Bad”, but when it got to the point that I couldn’t hold my breath long enough to tie my boots, then I knew it was time to do something about it.

Since I have been a member at FXB not only have I lost weight, but I just feel better. I feel better physically and mentally.  My knees, ankles, and back do not ache like before. I sleep better at night. I use to take ibuprofen daily to deal with the aches and pains but now rarely have to take anything. I am more able to participate in practice time with the kids that I coach. I think this sets example for them when I am not only able to do the exercises with them but also willing to do the work with them.

The FXB program is not for the weak of heart. You must be willing to put in the work in order to get the result, but it is attainable to anyone of any age, weight, ability… You just have to have the desire to change your life and be willing to do something about it. The support system is in place, the staff is knowledgeable, and the system is effective. 

Where to start…. I guess the first “Memorable Moment” was the first testing day when I realized just out of shape I truly was. I knew that I had let myself go, but the reality of where I was, was disappointing in so many ways. I knew then that I was going to change who I was, not for me but for my wife and children. I wanted… needed to improve ‘ME’ in order to give them what they deserved.

Next would be the end of the 10 weeks session and I had lost 18 pounds, 3.3% body fat and had really started to feel better. I reduced my 1 mile run from nearly 14 minutes to less than 9 minutes, increased my pushups and sit-ups by more than triple and was ready for more.

During the next session of the FXB program, members challenge each other in teams to a “Beast Mode” challenge which is a team body fat reduction over an 8 week period. I was excited to enter but wasn’t sure if I had more weight to lose because of where I came from during the first session. Well…. I surprised myself when my partner and I won that challenge against 24 other teams. I was able to do my part on the team (WTG Miztie) with losing another 20 pounds and 6% body fat.

I am PROUD to say with the help of my wife (now a member herself), the staff, my coaches  and the members of the noon class I continue to improve my mind and body by challenging myself each day. Currently I am down 45 pounds and 13.5% bat fat, but most importantly, I just feel better not only physically but mentally.

I think the FXB program is different from just going to the gym or trying to exercise at home. It is a trained staff that is instructing a proven program to change your life. You will have people around you to help you learn the right things to do to prevent injuries, help motivate you when you don’t feel like being there, and inspire you to push to your level 10.
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Location Info

Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping Mooresville
122 Trade Court
Suite E
Mooresville, NC 28117

Phone: (704) 658-553
Head Coach: Kristie Uphoff
Franchise Owner: Bobbie Gettler



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